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 A metal trolley containing artist's materials; coloured pencils, pens, charcoal, and drawing accessories.
 Pencils laid out in a row on my desk
 A photo of me drawing two cryptic alphabet letters while sat at an easel.
 A drawing of two illuminated letter S's being made in colour pencil.
 Pencils and notes on my desk in my studio
 A photo of me in my drawing studio, with a trolley full of pencils behind me
 Pictures from my painting space
 An ink drawing being made on an easel in an artists studio, surrounded by lighting boxes and a camera on a tripod.
 A drawing of a blue leaf-tailed gecko being made in colour pencil, over a blue circular swirling pattern.
 One of my cats in the studio
 A mackerel tabby cat climbing out of the window of an artist studio.
 All my pencils