I’m an interdisciplinary artist, and my work is informed by biological pattern formation, particularly crypsis (all the ways that organisms disguise themselves) & cellular behaviours. My current work investigates how future camouflage in plants and animals might adapt to human-made substrates, including generative art. I’ve recently been Leverhulme Artist in Residence at Portsmouth Brain Tumour Research Centre, and crowdfunded a transformations card deck. Illustration clients include Scientific American, and universities in the UK, US, and Canada.



  • Investigating Insects (public workshop) Mar 2019 Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth

  • Being a chronic pain patient in art & science (talk) Oct 2018, Reading School of Pharmacy, Reading

  • Natural patterns; camouflage (public workshop) Aug 2018 Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth

  • Drawing & microscopy (workshop) Aug 2017 South London Refugee Association

  • Cryptic Creatures (BSA-funded workshop) Mar 2017 Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth

  • Drawing Autumn (public workshop) Oct 2016 Portsmouth Cathedral

  • National Media Museum: Lates – Brains Jun 2016 NMM, Bradford

  • Drawing the microscopic: Mar 2016 Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth

  • Drawing Natural Patterns (BSA-funded workshop series) Oct 2015-Mar 2016, Aspex, Portsmouth

  • Connecting Narratives (workshops/talk series for scientists & patients) Jan-Oct 2015

  • After Dark; Transformations (public workshops) Sep 2015 British Science Festival, Bradford

  • Spilling Miniature Universes (art talk & microscopy event) Nov 2014 EMLab (Centre for Advanced Microscopy), Reading

  • Symbiosis; lichen patterns (public workshop) Mar 2014 Battle Library & Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading


  • Insecta (illustrated transformations poker deck) – 2018/19 – Crowdfunded, Kickstarter

  • Emergent Crypsis (collaborative project) – 2017 – Crowdfunded, Patreon

  • AlphaBeetles (Illuminated alphabet) – 2017 – Crowdfunded, Patreon

  • Transitional Objects (Solo exhibition) Apr 2016 Strong Island Gallery, Southsea, Portsmouth

  • Connecting Brain Tumour Narratives (Solo exhibition) Feb-Mar 2016 Aspex, Portsmouth

  • Cryptic Cards (illustrated transformations poker deck) – 2015/16 – Crowdfunded, Kickstarter

  • Patterns of Mutation (Solo exhibition) Sep-Oct 2015 Gallery II, Bradford

  • DRAWN (Juried open) Mar-Jun 2015 RWA, Bristol

  • Imagining Science: Symbiosis (Group show) Mar 2014 The Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading

  • Meet the Microbes (book illustration) - 2014 - Author Naomi Chant, funded vy I’m a Scientist Get Me Out of Here

  • Imagining Science: Science & the Art of Imagination (Group show) Mar 2013 Central Gallery, Reading

  • Playing with a Full Deck (Group show) May 2012 12x16gallery, Portland, OR, USA



  • Neuro-oncology lab visiting artist Jan-Aug 2016 Brain Tumour Research Centre, University of Portsmouth

  • Leverhulme artist in residence Jan-Oct 2015 Brain Tumour Research Centre, University of Portsmouth

  • Herbarium visiting artist Mar 2013- 14 Herbarium RNG, Reading

  • EMLab commission & residency Nov 2014 EMLab, Whiteknights, Reading

  • Salon de ShadyJane (jointly with Laura Greenway) Jun 2012 The Shop Gallery, Basingstoke



  • Connecting Narratives (handmade very large format book) – 2016 – PBTRC, University of Portsmouth

  • Spilling Miniature Universes – 2014 – EM Lab, JJ Thomson Building, Whiteknights, Reading

  • The Symbiosis Book (handmade very large format book) - 2013 – Herbarium RNG library, University of Reading



  • PhD, Pharmacology 2011 University of Reading

  • MSc, Biomedical Science 2006 University of Portsmouth

  • Diploma in Computing 2005 The Open University

References & further information available on request