I’m an interdisciplinary artist, merging detailed art in traditional media, with bioscience and laboratory materials. My practice is informed by biotic pattern formation, in particular cellular behaviour, and crypsis in plants and animals – all the ways that species disguise themselves, or pretend to be something they’re not. My exhibition work focuses on creating patterns or images that the viewer can rearrange or assemble stories from; this includes large scale ink pattern installations, and giant handmade books. My studio practice, illustration, and project work focuses on exploring the interaction between natural mimicry, camouflage, and human-made materials. It asks the question; what would happen if life evolved to camouflage itself to synthetic environments? I’ve recently been a Leverhulme Artist in Residence at Portsmouth Brain Tumour Research Centre, and a Visiting Artist at Herbarium RNG in Reading. I’m currently working on my next card deck called ‘Insecta’, and an illuminated alphabet of animal and plant camouflage, called ‘Cryptic Alphabet’.



  • Neuro-oncology lab visiting artist Jan-Aug 2016 Brain Tumour Research Centre, University of Portsmouth
  • Leverhulme artist in residence Jan-Oct 2015 Brain Tumour Research Centre, University of Portsmouth
  • Herbarium visiting artist Mar 2013- 14 Herbarium RNG, Reading
  • EMLab commission & residency Nov 2014 EMLab, Whiteknights, Reading
  • Salon de ShadyJane (jointly with Laura Greenway) Jun 2012 The Shop Gallery, Basingstoke


  • Natural patterns; camouflage (public workshop) Aug 17 Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth
  • Drawing games & microscopy (private family workshop) Aug 17 South London Refugee Association
  • Cryptic Creatures (BSA-funded workshop) Mar 2017 Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth
  • Drawing Autumn (public workshop) Oct 2016 Portsmouth Cathedral
  • National Media Museum: Lates – Brains Jun 2016 NMM, Bradford
  • Drawing the microscopic: Mar 2016 Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth
  • Drawing Natural Patterns (BSA-funded workshop series) Oct 2015-Mar 2016, Aspex, Portsmouth
  • Connecting Narratives (workshops & talk series for scientists & patients) Jan-Oct 2015, see residencies
  • After Dark; Transformations (public workshops) Sep 2015 British Science Festival, Bradford
  • Spilling Miniature Universes (art talk for building staff, & microscopy event) Nov 2014 EMLab (Centre for Advanced Microscopy), Reading
  • Symbiosis; lichen patterns (public workshop) Mar 2014 Battle Library & Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading


  • Invasive Species (Solo exhibition) TBC Ventnor Botanic Gardens, Isle of Wight
  • Cryptic Cards (Kickstarter project) Oct 2016 Visit the Cryptic Cards Project
  • Transitional Objects (Solo exhibition) Apr 2016 Strong Island, Southsea
  • Connecting Narratives (Solo exhibition) Feb-Mar 2016 Aspex, Portsmouth
  • Patterns of Mutation (Solo exhibition) Sep-Oct 2015 Gallery II, Bradford
  • DRAWN (Juried open) Mar-Jun 2015 RWA, Bristol
  • Imagining Science: Symbiosis (Group show) Mar 2014 The Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading
  • Imagining Science: Science & the Art of Imagination (Group show) Mar 2013 Central Gallery, Reading
  • Playing with a Full Deck (Group show) May 2012 12x16gallery, Portland, OR, USA


  • Connecting Narratives (handmade very large format book) – 2016 – PBTRC, University of Portsmouth
  • Spilling Miniature Universes – 2014 – EM Lab, JJ Thomson Building, Whiteknights, Reading
  • The Symbiosis Book (handmade very large format book) - 2013 – Herbarium RNG library, University of Reading


  • PhD, Pharmacology 2011 University of Reading
  • MSc, Biomedical Science 2006 University of Portsmouth
  • Diploma in Computing 2005 The Open University

References & further information available on request