Most Recent work


Project; Secret Generations

Description; an imaginary rain frog species drawn over a generative ink pattern

This piece is an experiment for an upcoming project called ‘Secret Generations’, which explores how life in the Anthropocene epoch might evolve to hide on human made art.


Experiment; Combining repetitive ink patterns with threads of Morse code drawing

Description; generative ink patterns based on an 11 x 11 cell grid, incorporating multiple threads of repetitive phrases that are translated into Morse code and marked within elements of the pattern

If these patterns prove anything, it’s that every kind of abstract/pattern work I do at the moment turns into generative drawing eventually…


Project; Insecta Deck

Description; The final designs now being made for my 2nd poker deck

My next playing card deck takes four taxonomic orders of insects, and turns them into the playing card suits, imagining what would happen if these creatures formed a symbiotic relationship with card players.


Project; Passages & Episodes

Description; ‘49 maps of disability body politics, made while moving’ - an array of mixed media tiles, partially made during physiotherapy exercises. The tiles are made from hand-dyed card from my collaborator Scott Mantooth (USA)

This project is in it’s initial phases, and explores mental and physical chronic illness. One of the primary aims is to produce arrays that are available online in an interactive format where tiles can be dragged and dropped, as well as on the form of physical installations.